Testing testing

Somehow I was able to get onto my bloggy at work. I’m thinking it’s a fluke, but will write a test post to see if it works šŸ™‚

Work has been going well. It’s getting easier each week to wake up at the crack of dawn and be on the road for the long commute. (Except for Monday morning this week when I swear I sleep-showered and put conditioner in my hair twice, rather than shampoo and THEN conditioner. Uber bad hair day). I’m so thankful that I get to ride with my dad most days. Today is my parents’ anniversary, so I got to hear my dad wish my mom a happy anniversary and tell her how much he loves her. I’m a lucky/blessed daughter indeed.

It’s kind of funny. This is the week of anniversaries – my younger sister and her husband’s was Monday, our great friends’ Jon and Suze’s was Tuesday, Dave’s sister and her husband’sĀ  was yesterday and my parents’ is today. Ah love! I am grateful for all of the examples of good love and good marriages we have in our life.

Eze is doing alright with preschool and the new daycare. There was an incident of biting at daycare last week. And for once it wasn’t my kid biting someone else — he got bit by a boy there. We had a good chat about how it felt and how he can be an example for this boy on being kind to others, but also setting good boundaries. I think we have a long road ahead of us. We have noticed he tends to gravitate toward the rowdier group of kids. With his energy level, it doesn’t surprise me, so we’re just trying to communicate with Eze and his teachers as much as possible, making sure Ezekiel understands what the expectations are in school/daycare. For the first 20 months of his life he had to fend for himself. It’s not surprising in the least, to me, that Ezekiel has a strong personality and goes after what he wants. My job is to help him find a good balance in all of that, so it doesn’t turn into bullying. Any advice?!

Last weekend we had a Harvest Party celebrating the end of the landscaping season and celebrating the beauty (and tastiness!) of fall. It was an awesome weekend being surrounded by family and friends who we love, and tasting the product of our hard work – apple cider that we pressed ourselves! And by ourselves, I mean not me at all. I fluttered around the party chatting it up with friends and family, hugging the kids and babies, gorging eating all of the delicious dishes people brought to share. Dave told me I did my job well šŸ™‚

As far as our second adoption goes, there is happy and BIG news on that front. However, I can’t share anything until some documents are finalized. I’ll just leave that carrot dangling for now…


Listening In

Tonight it’s Dave’s turn to lay Eze down for bedtime. Lately we’ve been telling him stories from our childhood, like true stories about things we or his aunties and uncles did when they were little. But Dave is changing things up tonight and I’m listening to him tell the abbreviated story about how Mommy and Daddy met. I was half-listening when I heard Ezekiel say, “What’s a date???”, and then giggle excitedly when Dave got to the part where “Mommy said ‘yes'”. I am seriously one lucky lady.

This week has been a rough week with getting into our new groove. Tonight we heard some very sad news from some of our best friends too. Say some prayers for them if you have a chance. The three of us sat down to watch a movie together and at one point I was holding hands with both Dave and Eze. My heart was full and I decided that it was one of those moments that I never want to forget. Since there’s no way to mentally record those beautiful times, writing it down is the next best thing. Hug your people tonight. Tell them you love them.

Preschool Pics

I am too tired to post everything in my head that I’d really like to write down. And I know that weeks down the road I’ll be sad that I didn’t post because I’ll have forgotten. Maybe Dave could start blogging. heh heh. Or not. Anyway. I started my new job a little over a week ago. After a few days of struggling with the steep learning curve that comes with consulting, I feel like I’m hitting the groove and understanding what they’re looking for in this project.

But what you all want to hear is how Ezekiel’s doing at preschool. In two words (his words, on the first day): happy and nervous. He loves his teacher, which Dave discovered yesterday makes Eze a little nervous (that he’ll love her more than he loves mommy). He loves being a helper (every kid has a job to do each day – Miss Joni has LOTS of little helpers!). And he has played with the other kids, but they aren’t his friends yet because he doesn’t know their names (his words — cracked me up). I came home the day he started preschool and could swear he aged right before my very eyes. He is learning so much and absorbing so much. I love hearing about it every day.

Our New Normal (For Now) Begins

Dave and Eze had a great first day at home together (relief for this mama). This afternoon they went to the parent/teacher/child conference at Ezekiel’s preschool. Earlier this week, Ezekiel had told both Dave and I (separately) that he decided he didn’t want to go to preschool anymore. He would just stay home with one of us. We told him that it was okay to feel nervous, and we’d see how he felt after he met his teacher. Well he met her today, and is in LOVE with the idea of preschool. He toured the room, talked with the teacher and even tried to squeeze into his own locker.

At one point, he saw an American flag. He told Dave and “Ms Joey” (as he calls her) that he loves that flag. The “amegafyin’ flag”. Then he said that he was born in America. Dave said that wasn’t right and asked Eze to say where he was born. Eze looked at his teacher and said, “I was born in da Philohppines”. He told me that she was very surprised to hear that šŸ™‚

I can’t wait to hear about the adventures of preschool. Which kid picked their nose that day, which kid Ezekiel had a disagreement with, what “Ms Joey” taught them that day. Every day of preschool is sharing day. Yikes. I can’t imagine how long it takes for 18 kids to show and tell whatever treasure they choose to bring to preschool that day.

My first day back at work went well. I think of the first day of work to be a lot like syllabus day in college. You learn the very basics of what results your manager/professor want to see out of you. You find the bathrooms. You meet your co-workers/classmates. You get lost a couple of times finding your way to the parking ramp/classroom. You learn how many times you can skip class before you fail. Wait, that one’s just for college.

I’m off to saw some logs and hope like crazy that I can kick this cold I’ve come down with this week. It makes me feel self-conscious to have the sniffles in a quiet office while sitting next to a person I just met.

One Last Mama + Eze Day

Tomorrow I go back to work on a new project. I feel so blessed that I was able to have the summer off and stay home with Eze; things fell into place perfectly with Dave’s landscaping in order for me to be home. Now that the season’s winding down, the placement agency I work with just happened to call me a few weeks back to see if I was ready to start back up again, and I was able to land a project analyst role after one interview. Perfect timing yet again.

So today is one last Mama + Eze Day before a whole new normal enters our lives. I’m trying not to be melancholy today, but rather focus on the simple things we’ve loved doing for the past 4 months. We’re going to bike to a park, play some games, watch some fun shows while we snuggle on the couch, and take it easy enjoying each other’s company.

Even though I’m sad about going back to work in some ways, I also can’t wait to get back into the swing of things. I really love working and using my brain to learn new things about project analysis and project management. I enjoy meeting new people and am really hoping this new group of people I’ll be working with are easy to work with and will help build each other up. Although the commute is not so fun (why oh why can’t there be more project work down in my neck of the woods?), I get to do this commute with my dad on at least half of the days during this project. I’m nervous and hoping I understand the parts of the project they want me working on.

Last night as I was laying Eze back down after Dave and I got home from a date night, I whispered to Eze that it was our last day at home tomorrow, and that we needed to think of some fun things to do. He gave me a gigantic hug. I’m so thankful to have a husband who is an amazing landscaper and loves what he does in the warm months, but is equally excited about being home with our son during the cold months. He gets to bring Eze to preschool and be the class parent on the days the parents come. I’m bummed that I’ll miss most of that, but I also think these next few months will help bring Eze and Dave closer than ever.

Eze (studiously) playing his all-time favorite game

How About A Beard?

Today at lunch, this was how Ezekiel’s and my conversation went:

E: Mom, you were ‘dopted, right?
Me: Nope.
E: But were you born?
Me: Yes, I was born.
E: Where were you born?
Me: In Iowa.
E: Can we go see where you were born some day and the airplane you flew home on?
Me: We can go to where I was born, Gran still lives there. But I didn’t come home on an airplane. I probably rode home in Nana and Bompa’s car.
E: *completely perplexed* But why didn’t you ride on a plane? Just in a car?
Me: My mom and dad didn’t live far from the hospital, so we went in a car to go home. You lived in the Philippines, so we had to take both a plane AND a car to bring you home.
E: Mom, are you going to grow a beard someday?

I love my random little man.