The Background

This is a blog devoted to the life (and its adventures) of Dave, Rachel and our Filipino bambino, Ezekiel. Here is the timeline for our adoption process:

  • August 2006 – Decided to adopt from Philippines
  • September 2006 – Attended Hand in Hand Orientation (found out I had to be 27 before sending in our dossier)
  • January 2007 – Sent in application and fee to Hand in Hand to begin the adoption process
  • February 2007 – Met with Karin at Hand in Hand to begin the plethora of paperwork that would become our dossier
  • February, March and April 2007 – attended 3 day-long training classes at Hand in Hand regarding adoption
  • June 2007 – Had our psych eval that proved we are sane enough to adopt (or maybe insane enough to adopt?)
  • July 13 2007 – Had our homestudy with Diane the social worker
  • July 16 2007 – Sent the remaining paperwork to Hand in Hand
  • August 3 2007 – Our dossier was sent out for the appropriate U.S. signatures
  • August 17 2007 – Our dossier was sent to the Philippines (ICAB)
  • September 30 2007 – We are approved to adopt from the Philippines
  • November 29 2007 – We FIND OUT that we are approved to adopt from the Philippines, and our names are added to the list of Prospective Adoptive Parents – PAPs (and discover we’ve already “officially” been waiting for 2 months – woot!)
  • July 14 2008 – Received our referral for Ezekiel!!
  • July 15 2008 – Received our photo of Ezekiel
  • July 16 2008 – Hand in Hand accepted the referral on our behalf in a letter sent to ICAB
  • July 21 2008 – Received the originals for the referral and picture of Ezekiel from Hand in Hand
  • August 20 2008 – Legals sent from the Philippines
  • September 4 2008 – Legals arrive at the Minnesota Hand in Hand office
  • September 5 2008 – Dave and I go to the HIH office to fill out the I-600 and I-864, and have the travel meeting with Karin.
  • September 29 2008 – Dave calls Congressman John Kline’s office to see if they can check with USCIS about where our file is in the process
  • October 8 2008 – The USCIS cannot find our file or our names in the system
  • October 9 2008 – After giving them Ezekiel’s full name and DOB, the USCIS finds the file, and approves the I600 within hours. The file is now sent off to the NVC in Hew Hampshire
  • October 17 2008 – The NVC forwards our petition (I-600) on to the US Embassy in Manila.
  • October 30 2008 – The US Embassy in Manila sends out Packet 3 to ICAB. This gives them the go-ahead to schedule the visa medical, which sets the rest of the visa process in motion.
  • November 18 2008 – Our agency calls to tell us that ICAB hasn’t scheduled anything yet, but will notify them at each different stage.
  • November 21 2008 – The visa interview was scheduled for December 8 2008.
  • December 5 2008 – Received travel approval. Scheduled our flights for December 13-21.
  • December 8 2008 – Eze has his medical appointment. We never hear that he passed or not, but decided no news is good news and proceed with our travel plans.
  • December 13 2008 – Leave for the Phils!
  • December 15 2008 – Meet Mr Ezekiel and our lives are changed forever.
  • December 22 2008 – We make it home after our flight is cancelled the previous day. Home together as a forever family!

To see our infertility timeline, click here.


3 responses to “The Background

  1. Good luck with your adventure. I was curious if you or your husband are Filipino? We were told by Bay Area Adoption Services (which handles a lot of adoptions from the Phillipines) that they preferred Filipino heritage.

  2. I think your comment on December 15 is such a wonderful understatement! Your lives are forever changed in a way that is wonderful, though it may not always seem wonderful at a particular point in time. There are hard times that you’ll work through as you keep being a family.

    I’m so proud and so privileged to be Bampa and Dad – a spectator, sometimes cheerleader and participant on this wonderful journey!

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