Adventures of a SAHD

I tried to get Dave to write his own post but, alack and alas, he decided not to. Since I went back to work last month, and since his landscaping season is (supposed to be) winding down for the year, Dave is now a part-time SAHD (stay-at-home-dad). Some of Dave’s adventures as a SAHD are entertaining to me, frustrating to him.

We’ll start back with earlier this fall/summer… It was the weekend and I think we were supposed to be having people over the next day. Or maybe we were just cleaning for the fun of it. (ha ha, funniest sentence ever written). Dave was vacuuming our 3-season porch which is has windows lining 3 of the 4 walls. Dave decided to take the chairs from the little table/chairs set we have out there and set them up on top of the table. I was cleaning the bathroom when I suddenly heard a loud crash. I ran over to the porch and saw that one of the chairs had fallen off of the table and bounced perfectly into one of the large windows, shattering it to smithereens. Turns out Dave had accidentally bumped the table and the way he described the chair bouncing off of one leg and smashing the window was too much. I started laughing — there was nothing else to do — and Dave was so upset with himself already. No point in making him feel worse.

Fast forward to the week after I started my job. Dave in his inherent kindness decided to get the laundry done. He threw a load of Eze’s clothes into the wash that afternoon. When I got home from work, we had a incredibly long home study visit with our social worker for adoption #2. As soon as it was finished we were heading out the door to eat a quick burger because we were all famished. Dave wanted to switch out the laundry and was doing that on our way out the door. I heard him say, “Oh NO!” I came over to see what it was (thinking a red sock had gotten mixed with Eze’s clothes or something), and saw what looked like teeny tiny cotton ball pebbles all over the wash. Dave picked out a pull up that had accidentally gotten thrown in the wash with all of Eze’s clothes. Dis.gus.ting. Cleaning up a mess like that is something I hope we Dave never has to do again.

Fast forward to the following weekend. I was recovering from an incredibly fun evening out with friends the night before. A night where I had decided that I could handle drinking a can of dark beer. The migraine I developed the next day told me otherwise. Dave headed out to my parents’ house to pick up some meds for me. As he was backing out of the garage, I heard (yet another) loud crash. Dave walked back into the house a few minutes later and I asked him what was going on. Through the swears, I gathered that our garage door (which had been doing this all summer) only went 3/4 of the way up, Dave didn’t notice, and backed out of the garage and that’s when the handle on the inside of the garage door smashed into our back windshield, thus shattering the entire back window and strewing glass about the garage and driveway.

Dave was hanging out with my sister (at a playdate. Oh how I miss playdates with my sister and my Ali), and laughingly told her he was the worst SAHD ever. She replied, “Not the worst SAHD ever, but definitely one of the most expensive!”


3 responses to “Adventures of a SAHD

  1. Rach this post cracks me up! I hope his luck turns around for him soon:) Thanks for the good chuckle!! Dave is a great SAHD!!

  2. Oh my. I am just catching up on your blog, and realized there are many stories I’ve missed since you’ve returned to work! Of course, I miss you, too. The way you tell these stories just reminds me of how much I could use a Rachel Day.

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